Semester Contribution

§ 74 Contribution by Students Higher Education Act Schleswig-Holstein

(1) Students shall make financial contributions available to the student body for the fulfillment of its statutory duties (student body contribution).

You can find all the information about the contribution from the autumn semester 2023/24 below.

Significant improvements in contribution exemptions and refunds

In cooperation with the University as well as with the Studentenwerk, we were able to achieve significant improvements in the area of contribution exemptions and refunds.

On the one hand, we have pushed back the deadline for contribution exemptions by one month. Together with the later end of the re-registration period, students who are entitled to a partial or full exemption now have one and a half months more time to apply. . It is also important to note that we were able to redesign the administrative procedures with the other parties mentioned above so that from now on we no longer have to make a hidden advance refund, but can implement a real exemption from contributions (= exemption from the obligation to pay).

And finally, we have included other cases in the area of exemptions where the situation is clear and/or there is a legal obligation to avoid payments, for example with regard to semester tickets for people who demonstrably cannot use public transport due to a recognised severe disability, or for so-called double degrees and trinationals. In addition, students with a recognised severe disability and a public transport token covering at least 15 weeks of the semester in question can be exempted. In the latter case, even if the deadline for exemption is missed, the possibility of later reimbursement remains.

We are particularly pleased that we will also be able to treat early leaves of absence as exemptions from fees as of the re-registration period in January 2024. This will save everyone a lot of effort.

Please note that both exemption from contributions and reimbursement are bound to different deadlines! Read the articles linked to at the bottom of this page.

The new re-enrollment periods

Everything about the new re-enrollment periods, which are valid from now on, can be found here.

Beiträge & Zahlung

The amount of the contributions from the autumn semester 2023/24 as well as information on the new contribution notices can be found here.


In case of exmatriculation, a semester abroad and other reasons, you can apply for a refund of contributions. You can find more information here.


Under special circumstances, you can be exempted from the semester fee. You can find out whether you are eligible and how to apply here.

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