Contribution Refund

It is possible that you can have the costs for the semester ticket refunded under certain conditions, such as a semester abroad. In the event of exmatriculation, for example, it is also possible that you will receive a refund of your student body contribution. Please note in both cases the Deadline:. If you have any questions about the refund, please feel free to contact us by phone (+49 (0)461 - 805 - 2133) or by e-mail (

Please always make sure that your application is complete! What is needed for the complete application, you will find on this page below under the point Application reason.

You can send us the applications including the required documents by mail or by e-mail. Only complete applications will be processed. Please also note that refunds will not be made until five weeks after the start of lectures at the earliest.

Deadline:The reimbursement must be made no later than four weeks be applied for after the start of lectures.

Please always submit with your application:
Copy of bank statement proving the transfer of the contribution.

Application reason

  1. Exmatriculation/cancellation of enrollment
    • Filled application
    • Copy of the certificate of de-registration
  2. Leave of absence from studies
    • Filled application
    • Copy of the EUF leave certificate
  3. overpayment
    • Filled application
    • Copy of bank statements proving double payment
  4. Student with disability
    • Filled application
    • Copy of the severely disabled person's identity card
    • Proof of free transportation in the public transport system
  5. Absence (e.g. semester abroad)
    • Filled application
    • Proof that you will not be in Flensburg for at least 15 weeks in the semester (e.g. certificate from a foreign university confirming that you have been admitted as a student there)
  6. Promotion outside the area of validity of the ticket
    Filled application
    Certificate of registration from the place of residence
    Letter from the doctoral advisor/doctoral supervisor stating that there are no
    Presence obligation prevails (original, with signature and stamp)

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