Choose your weapons – committee work at the university
(Article from „Zeile 9“ translated into English)

The biggest freaks of the university are sitting in the far left corner of the Oslo building.
Ecos with felted hair wearing these alternative sandals. Eternal reality refugees who have never had a job because they prefer to be in two adjacent, slightly musty offices with mate tea and stale coffee to start the great revolution. What do they actually do all day? Besides copy cards sell?

The AStA (the General Student Committee) knows about its reputation.
„These are all people with no private life who do this“, some claim. Why, except for BAföG, should you volunteer for higher education policy.
Simply because you can change something. In OSL 056 there are not only
hippies, but also suit-wearers, cyclists, mothers, nerds, misplanned and normal people. That is, from every cliché corner engaged students who are in favour of better structures at the university and breaking up stagnant processes are involved.

The AStA answers questions on topics such as BAföG, housing and culture
and various other things. Besides it organizes offers and events and represents the interests of the students to the inside and to the outside. The AStA is selected and controlled by the Student Parliament.

In May/June there will be Student Representatives and Student Parliament Elections again. So instead of idly talking or speculating about grievances or good ideas, the time is right to become active yourself. How much time you invest in which committee work and how much you want to do it, depends on you, by the way. Student representatives concentrate on the content of their study program or department. Their tasks include, for example, communicating with lecturers or planning events, excursions and parties.

The student representatives consist of three to five elected members and, sometimes, their representatives. If you want to stand up for all your fellow students and improve study conditions in general, the Student Parliament is the right place for you. It consists of 25 elected students, decides on the most important decisions of the student body such as the statutes, the staffing of the AStA and the budget.

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